Job Completion Confirmation with Real Time GPS Location Capture and "Before and After" Photos

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Transparent Billing | Know What You Are Being Billed For

Date Posted: June 4, 2018

At Metro All Seasons, we adhere to a strict protocol of making our billable services 100% transparent by capturing real time proof data for each contract service task that we complete. Developed by GoOnline.ca, here is how our automated, real time employee time card tool works.

 This is how we capture each contract service we completed. Begin time, End time, location coordinates for both begin and end time, as well as before and after photos are automatically captured at service site in real time.
 This is how our employees capture END time. Actual time values and location coordinates are not manipulated as they are auto-captured.
 This is how our employees capture BEGIN time. Actual time values and location coordinates are not manipulated as they are auto-captured.
 This is how a permanently captured time card looks like.

Whenever we deploy our crew to any of our clients' location to complete specific contract service, we do capture the following:

  • Exact location longitude and latitude of the crew through their mobile device's GPS location service.
  • The longitude and latitude values are immediately geo-coded to the nearest valid postal address through Google Map's API. Our automated system places a marker on Google Map indicating exact location and then captures the map details.
  • Depending on the type of services, we require our crew to capture a BEFORE photo when they begin the job. Since the BEFORE photo is required, an employee's electronic time card cannot be submitted. Without a valid time card captured, employees are not paid.
  • When the electronic time card is submitted, the exact time of the submission is captured automatically. Our employees have no control over manipulating what time it was submitted. Therefore, there is no possibility of cheating.
  • At the end of the job, our crew is required to capture an AFTER
  • When they hit the SUBMIT button on our automated employees time card system, it captures the exact time the job ended. Again, no manipulation of time value by an employee is possible.
  • Our system automatically calculates the length of time it took to complete the task and creates the permanent time card record on our system, containing all of the details described above.

As a result of this efficient real time automation, all our billable services are supported by authentic and original proof of completion.

That's what we call 100% TRANSPARENCY!

As a valued customer, you should never be in a position to question if our invoices accurately represent actual services we delivered. Our automated real time employee time card system provides 100% accurate proof.
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